For Admittance call our Intake line at 716-939-0926

If you are in need of guest services, then you have come to the right place! This is probably a very difficult and confusing time for you. And you probably have a lot of questions. Below you will find some helpful information to help you during this transitional time in your life.

How do I get admitted? 

In order to be admitted to the shelter, you must first call our intake line at 716-939-0926. You will be able to talk with someone who can determine if we can meet your needs. We have certain rules that must be maintained in order to ensure the saftey of all of our guests.

What is the shelter like? 

Many people think of rows of bunk beds in a large open room when they think of homeless shelters. At Lockport CARES, we strive to maintain a home-like atmosphere. Our facility is a large, renovated Victorian home that can house up to nine guests (5 during pandemic). Meals are served homestyle at a dining room table and guests can relax in our living room or in their semi-private rooms. Check out our videos on Facebook for a glimpse into life at the shelter.

What rules will I have to follow? 

Rules are important for everyone's safety, including yours! Below you will find our basic rules. All guests must agree to abide by these rules in order to stay at the shelter. Any violations of these rules will result in immediate termination of your guest privileges and you will be required to leave.

  • You must be 18 years old to stay at the shelter
  • Children must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian
  • Adult male and female guests need to present a marriage license in order to share a room
  • Guests must leave the house from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. everyday. We endeavor to be open 24 hours per day on holidays, but it is dependent on volunteers.
  • Curfew is at 7 p.m. Anyone arriving later will be turned away. If your job requires you to be out later than that, prior permission must be obtained and we will need to contact your employer for verification.
  • Zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs and alcohol (no contraband or paraphernalia; all guests must be sober upon entry)
  • No violence, bullying or threatening of other guests or volunteers
  • All guests need to be able to bathe and dress themselves without assistance.
  • Smoking is permitted only during posted smoke breaks and only in designated areas. You may not leave the premises during a smoke break after curfew.

What can I expect when I arrive? 

If we determine that Lockport CARES can help you, the intake specialist will tell you when to arrive at the shelter. Once you arrive, your personal items will be checked in and we will review the guidelines with you. Your medications, razors and lighters will be locked in our closet for safe-keeping and you will be given fresh clothes and asked to shower. You will be allocated a bed, which will be freshly made with clean linen, blankets and pillow. You will also be given information regarding contacting DSS, Case Management and other local services that may further assist you.

How long can I stay? 

We are only a temporary homeless shelter and therefore only grant stays up to 15 business days. Weekends and holidays are not included, so your actual stay may be longer. You are not required to stay the entire time. We encourage you to diligently look for more permanent housing alternatives as soon as possible.

Where is the shelter located?

The shelter is located at 188 Genesee Street, which is right near Locust Street and is conveniently located near downtown Lockport. We do not accept guests at the shelter unless they have been pre-admitted through our Intake. If you are in need of our services, call our Intake line at 716-939-0926 before visiting the shelter.